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"Sugar Blossom" Silk and Nuno Felted Scarf


A beautiful white silk scarf acts as a background for a Japanese technique called Nuno felting. Soft merino wool is added to the silk by a system of wetting and rolling. The fibres find their way through the silk and become felted to it. Depending on the weight and depth of the wool added the silk then becomes scrunched up in random areas creating a unique piece that no one else will be wearing! The inspiration from this piece comes from the full bloom lavender bushes discovered on a recent walk.....

Show it off fully and wear it flat against the shoulders with a brooch or pin over an evening dress or scrunch into a comforting scarf and just wait for the compliments!

Dimensions are: 144 cm x 59 cm

(57 inches x 23 inches approximately)

This measurement is without including the tassels which are on average about 12 cm either end (5 inches)


Each one is made to order so please allow up to a week for its production. Your piece will be similar to the one in the pictures unless you request alternate colour ways.

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